UVa Study Abroad Programs in the Himalayas

Recognizing the import of study abroad programs for enhancing globally aware education, the University of Virginia was one of the first American universities to conduct accredited academic programs in Tibet. During the past decade, UVa has offered students a unique opportunity to study abroad in Lhasa at Tibet University.


Currently, we are not offering study abroad at Tibet University, but UVa currently offers students a program to study Tibetan language and culture in Nepal.

This program invites students to participate in the unique multicultural and mountainous environment of Kathmandu, Nepal and the wider Himalayan region through experiential education centered on the dynamics of cultural exchange, contemplation, and participatory digital ethnography. Students will explore the Himalayan culture and environment for a fall semester through excursions to sites of historic and contemporary importance for Nepalis and Tibetans throughout the Kathmandu Valley and wider region, combined with coursework, language study, contemplation, and multi-media projects conducted in collaboration with local partners. Students will choose between a Nepali or Tibetan track of studies.

For more information and to apply, please visit the UVa in Nepal site.