UVa Study Abroad Programs in Tibet

Recognizing the import of study abroad programs for enhancing globally aware education, the University of Virginia was one of the first American universities to conduct accredited academic programs in Tibet. During the past decade,  UVa has offered students the unique programs detailed below. In 2012, we are offering for the first time Eco-Acoustic Explorations of Tibet if there is sufficient student enrollment.

In 2012 we will begin offering our programs in Lhasa once again! Applications are now available online, see below for details.

dr04_2960Academic-fall semester program in Lhasa: Held each fall, the UVa semester-long program at Tibet University is the first program in Tibet for American undergraduates that combines formal academic instruction within a university and ethnographic fieldwork involving travel throughout Central Tibet. UVa-associated faculty accompany students to provide important historical and cultural background knowledge and to assist with language study and travel opportunities. Past program instructors include David Germano, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and co-director of the Tibet Center and Kabir Heimsath, an anthropologist with extensive experience leading educational and tour groups throughout Tibet. Click here to visit the ISO website to apply. Application Deadline April 1, 2012.

Summer program in North Eastern Tibet (Amdo) – Eco-Acoustic Explorations of Tibet: The Eco-Acoustic Explorations of Tibet course run by UVa  is a new course designed and led by UVa Music Composition Professor Matthew Burtner. The three-week-long course explores the intersection between environmentalism and culture through sound. This unique course of study will examine the acoustic characteristics of the Tibetan Plateau, and analyze human-environment interaction using measurements and observations of the sounding world. We will learn specialized audio recording techniques and equipment such as high-altitude recording, surround-sound recording, hydrophonics, wind recording, and directional sound. We will employ analysis software to explore complex human-nature dialectics, and editing/tracking software to compose our own eco-acoustic sound/art works. Deadline Extended to April 1.  Click here to visit the ISO website to apply

Summer language program in Lhasa: the Tibet University summer Tibetan language program supported by UVa  focuses on Tibetan language studies for graduate students and select undergraduates. Each summer, this program has had an average of twenty students, drawn from most of the major graduate programs in the US. The program has been instrumental to graduate students’ acquisition of spoken Tibetan language skills, as well as to their learning the ropes of fieldwork in Tibet. Program Will Resume in 2013

Funding is available for UVa study abroad programs from several sources, see the Study Abroad website here for more information.

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