Julian Paul Green Memorial Tibet Exploration Fellowship

Julian Paul Green was a brilliant doctoral student at the University of Virginia specializing in Tibetan Buddhism before his tragic death while studying in Northeastern Tibet in the summer of 2006.  Julian’s family and friends have established a fund in his memory to help support other doctoral students at UVa who are following in Julian’s footsteps with a commitment to Tibet and exploration. Each year the Fund makes a grant to a graduate student in Tibetan Studies at UVa to support research, study, and engagement in Tibet.

Biography of Julian Paul Green

Julian was a Ph.D. student in the University of Virginia’s Tibetan Studies Program. His love of the people and languages of the Himalayan and Tibetan regions developed during his undergraduate studies studying Religion at Williams College, a junior-year study abroad program in Nepal, a Fulbright fellowship in India, a Williams College Robert G. Wilmers Jr. Memorial Student Travel Abroad Fellowship, his studies at the University of Virginia, and his travels throughout the region doing independent research and working with the Tibetan and Himalayan Library.

Julian traveled extensively in the Tibetan regions of Pakistan inhabited by the Balti people, and had fashioned close relationships with Tibetan language enthusiasts. He helped complete a draft of a Balti language primer, and also worked on a successful proposal to incorporate two additional Tibetan letters to the global Unicode standard for their use in transcribing the Balti language.  Recent activities included Julian working with Tibetan scholars from Tibet University and the Tibet Academy of Social Sciences in field research documenting oral traditions in the far western Ngari region of Tibet. At the time of his death, he was travelling through remote mountainous areas as he finshed up a census project documenting nunneries in northeastern Tibet.  Julian spent time each year hiking remote areas and walking classic trade routes in the Himalayan regions he loved so much.

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Christopher Bell (2007) for his Chasing Tibetan Demons research in Tibet.
Suzanne Bessenger


This fellowship is only possible through the generous donations made by family and friends of Julian Paul Green as organized by Julian’s parents, Chip and Margaret Green. We welcome new contributions from those who knew Julian Paul, or from anyone who would like to support new generations of students in their engaged and caring exploration of Tibet and the Himalayas. To make a tax deductible donation, please do so using our online contribution page. Please make sure when you donate to specify “for the “Tibet Center’s Julian Paul Green Fellowship” fund.

The following is a list of donors to the Julian Paul Green Memorial Tibet Exploration Fellowship:

  • Dr. and Mrs. James A. Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bauer
  • Ms. Mary W. Berini
  • Ms. Lewanna Caldwell
  • Ms. Carole C. Freeman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Friedberg
  • Mr. James T. Graves
  • Dr. and Mrs. Julian W. Green
  • Mr. and Mrs. Laurence W. Green
  • Ms. Margaret W. Green
  • Dr. and Mrs. John A. Harrill
  • Dr. and Mrs. David A. Holt
  • Dr. and Mrs. Floyd V. Hower
  • Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon Huey
  • Ms. Vernice Hunnicutt
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Edward Lambert
  • Mr. George B. Nixon
  • Dr. and Mrs. Asim Pati
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Rilling
  • Mrs. Barbara L. Scala
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Smith
  • Ms. Merike Tamm
  • Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Weiner
  • Mr. Andrew H. Werbrock
  • Mr. Bruce M. Wiley
  • Mr. Louis Wiley, Jr.