2011 Education to Employment Fellowships

Program Fellowship Announcement

University of Virginia Tibet Sustainable Governance Program (Now Tibet Sustainable Governance Program at George Washington University)
Tibetan Education to Employment Initiative
Education to Employment Fellowship Program

Program Overview

The Tibetan Education to Employment Initiative (TEEI) is a project of the Tibet Sustainable Governance Program at the University of Virginia Tibet Center (Now at GWU) in conjunction with UVa’s Curry School of Education and the Tibetan and Himalayan Library, and in partnership with Machik. ┬áThe TEEI builds on previous initiatives in the domains of sustainable tourism and social business on the Tibetan plateau. The initiative seeks to develop new strategies and approaches to the challenges of establishing improved educational programs and platforms for expanding employment prospects for Tibetans while facilitating socially beneficial forms of employment.

Tibetan participants in the US program will include researchers, educational teachers/administrators/trainers/practitioners, entrepreneurs, and community workers. Subject focus is open, though we have a particular interest in the areas of tourism, conservation, business education, digital technology, medical-technical training, and public health, agriculture, and sustainable energy/construction initiatives.

Fellowship Description

The TEEI welcomes 13 fellows to participate in the Education to Employment Fellowship Program from February 10 to April 10, 2011 and for one of three weeks on the Tibetan plateau from June 19 to July 19, 2011. Please note dates may be subject to slight changes.

Each fellow will identify a problem, or set of problems, to address from his or her home context and a goal for that work in the US related to the link between education and employment. Each two-month fellowship in the US will involve an embedded relationship in an organization, or organizations, in the US with relevant focus, practices, and experience. Fellowship activities will include working with host organizations on a project identified by each fellow, presenting at a two day Education to Employment Symposium at University of Virginia, and participating in one of three planned Education to Employment forums in China.