News on Tibet and the Himalayas at UVa

This page provides a list of all new items relating to Tibet and the Himalayas that are connected to the University of Virginia. These include study abroad, publications, conferences, new programs, alumni news, and more.

Public Events

Each semester the UVa Tibet Center hosts several internationally renown scholars, researchers, organizers, and other experts to speak on Tibet’s past, present, and future. For a list of past Tibet Center events read more…

Major Events

buchong2In addition to a steady offering of public speakers, the Tibet Center hosts larger events dedicated to all facets of Tibet. These include workshops, seminars focused on several key speakers, and major conferences. Read more about upcoming events…

New Research Initiatives

dsc_arch0007-smResearch of Tibetan Buddhism and Bön has been an integral part of the humanities and social sciences at UVa for more than thirty-five years. The Tibetan Buddhist Studies program maintains an international reputation for its graduate and undergraduate studies, its overseas programs, its innovative digital scholarship, and its ongoing promotion of research in Tibetan culture and society. Read more about current faculty research…

Scholarly Exchange

The Tibet Center regularly hosts visiting scholars from around the world. We are currently pleased to be hosting four Tibetan students from the Central Nationalities University in Beijing. Read more….