Opportunities for Tibetan Scholarship & Engagement at UVa

The University of Virginia offers a variety of scholarship, grant, and fellowship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing Tibetan Studies education through the various departments affiliated with the Tibet Center. Beyond such traditional mechanisms for supporting Tibet-centered study, UVa also offers dynamic opportunities for scholars and others to participate in programs designed to increase knowledge of Tibetan culture, land, and heritage, as well as to contribute toward socially engaged programs of benefit to local Tibetan communities. In addition, the Tibet Center aims to create multiple programs whereby Tibetans themselves can have direct access to and participate in the creation of libraries and other resources focused on Tibet.

Digital Engagement

The University of Virginia is the hub of a global network of partners building knowledge about Tibet across sectors and other boundaries. Join the revolution by participating… Read more…

Opportunities for Tibetans

The University of Virginia is committed to ensuring its academic programs also offer benefits to Tibetan communities and individuals. We support exchange programs for Tibetans to visit the US, work together with community service organizations, and actively support digital initiatives benefiting Tibetans. We welcome Tibetans to contact us to discuss how we can help, and interests they have in building a relationship with UVa. Read more…