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Academic Research and Collaborations

Building upon the University of Virginia’s long-standing commitment to Tibetan Studies since the 1960s, the Tibet Center was established in 2008 to promote an integrated model of knowledge and practice consisting of study programs, research initiatives, library collections, collaborative scholarly initiatives, and engaged social programs hosted by the University of Virginia. The Tibet Center brings together University faculty, students, staff, and alumni from a wide variety of disciplines and offers Tibet-related courses, cultural programs, speaker series, and community engagement. The Center also reaches beyond the University to connect scholars of Tibetan Studies around the world, advance collaborative research, relate the academy to people from across social sectors, and foster programs of direct benefit to modern-day Tibetans in specific local communities.


Students at the University of Virginia have the unique opportunity to integrate Tibetan Studies into their educational curriculum through a diverse range of coursework and both undergraduate and graduate-level study programs offered by UVa’s outstanding faculty. Course offerings range from “Tibetan and Himalayan Anthropology” to “Tibetan Buddhist Culture” and beyond, as well as offering study abroad programs.

Digital Innovation

tibkakhaUVa is a world leader in developing digital solutions for Tibet and Tibetan studies, as well as in sponsoring innovative initiatives in teaching, research, publications, and engagement as enabled by digital innovations. This includes extraordinary new partnerships, one of the world’s largest collections of images and audio-video from the region, a major initiative in mapping Tibetan and Himalayan culture, providing scholarly resources, and much else.

Tibetan Buddhism and Bon

image00082The study of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon has been an integral part of the humanities and social sciences at UVa for more than thirty-five years. The Tibetan Buddhist Studies program maintains an international reputation for its graduate and undergraduate studies, overseas programs, innovative digital scholarship, and its ongoing promotion of research in Tibetan culture and society. UVa also has one of the world’s greatest collections of Tibetan Buddhist literature. Read more…

Opportunities for Tibetans

The University of Virginia is committed to ensuring its academic programs also offer benefits to Tibetan communities and individuals. We support exchange programs for Tibetans to visit the US and actively support digital initiatives benefiting Tibetans.  Read more…