Jongbok Yi

Advisors: Jefferey Hopkins and David Germano
Year Entered Program: 2002
Currently Pursuing: PhD
Current Status: Dissertating
Educational Background: Sunkyunkwan University in Korea (BA), Seoul National University in Korea (MA)

Research Interests

I am dissertating on the intellectual history on the topic of what to be negated in order to see things as they are.  This research is based on a section on the object of negation in the Middle Way school in 18th century prolific and influential philosopher-practitioner, Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Great Exposition of the Middle and expands its discussion by examining how the Geluk philosophers interact with other Tibetan thinkers through this topic and establish their sectarian identity. With analyses on topics in the text, this dissertation will provide the annotated translation of the section in tabular format revealing implied information that Gelukpa monks are indirectly educated in the course of debates.  In this way, this dissertation also presents how textualized debates can be used an useful pedagogical tool.