Tibetan Community Engagement at UVa

The Tibet Center is committed to the model of engaged scholarly activity, namely learning, teaching, and research which benefits and includes Tibetans and Tibetan communities from across the plateau. Such engagement takes many forms.

Digital Engagement


UVa is a world leader in the creative use of new digital technologies in the humanities, social sciences, and arts. The Tibet digital initiatives have been one of the most important components of digital UVa, and have focused on how to use technology to help empower Tibetans to use these powerful new technologies, network people together to work in productive and socially beneficial relationships, and in general to create new intersections of knowledge and community.

Participatory Knowledge


The Tibet Center promotes the participatory knowledge movement, which advocates the radical distribution of knowledge production beyond the boundaries of the Academy. We are working with a broad spectrum of other Universities to provide training to local Tibetans so they can mobilize new technologies and techniques. The UVa Tibet Center is involved with participatory knowledge work in schools, local communities, monasteries and in Tibetan institutions of higher learning. Learn more…