IATH Fellows Brown Bag presentation by John Flower, Moral Landscape in a Sichuan Mountain Village

News item posted on: August 22nd, 2009
Moral Landscape in a Sichuan Mountain Village

By John Flower, Associate Member of the East Asia Center, and Head of the China Program at Sidwell Friends School.

This project explores the histories, beliefs, livelihoods, and local identities in Xiakou (sha-ko) Village, located in the mountains of Ya’an County, in western Sichuan Province of the People’s Republic of China. The goal of the project is to understand Xiakou Village as an evolving cultural landscape, defined as the interwoven field of physical environment, historical memory, and moral agency, in which particular places gather a people’s sense of themselves and serve as sources of belonging and identity.
This project will attempt to pioneer digital ethnography, or the interactive presentation of focused, long-term fieldwork research results in the form of an online monograph, media archive, and information structures such as relational databases, and GIS mapping. Our plan is to use the project’s digital form to reinforce its ethnographic content, using new technologies to render more transparent the relationship between source and interpretation, to open up non-linear narrative paths through the ethnography, and therefore to more vividly reveal the interconnections among different dimensions of village life that are the core content of the project.


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