Lecture by Padma'tsho, A Cham Ritual of Padmasambhava

News item posted on: March 1st, 2009
A Cham Ritual of Padmasambhava in Tibetan Buddhism


By Padma’tsho, Southwest Nationalities Institute (Chengdu)

The first part of my talk explains that the Cham ritual of Padmasambhva is made up of three elements: the ritual of offering and reading scriptures; performing the Cham; and the empowerment of Padmasambhava, known as Lotus Light. The second part of my talk illustrates the Cham ritual of Padmasambhva. The Cham lasts ten days. Each of the two days of the Cham has its own meaning, called Skya-vchams and Dngos-gzhibut, each day requires a different means of performance. The Cham ritual of Padmasabhva has a total of eighteen parts and one of these parts has seventeen sections, so all together there are thirty-seven parts performed on the tenth day. In this talk, I will interpret the Cham ritual of Padmasabhva from four perspectives.

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