Lecture by George Dreyfus

News item posted on: September 29th, 2010
Can a Buddhist Be a Skeptic?

George Dreyfus, Jackson Professor of Religion, Williams College

In this talk, George Dreyfus will examine the nature of Madhyamaka arguments and the range of their interpretations within the Tibetan tradition by focusing on a particular author, Patsab Nyimadrak, an important Tibetan thinker from the eleventh century. The talk will shed light on these works from a historical perspective and reveal the pivotal role that Patsab Nyimadrak played in the transmission of Indian Buddhism to Tibet. Further exploration of these writings within the Tibetan philosophical tradition will confirm his originality as a unique example of thorough skepticism within this tradition. This event will conclude by reflecting on the nature of skepticism and the role that it can play within a Western appropriation of Buddhism.

Sponsored by the East Asia Center at the University of Virginia / Co-Sponsored by The Tibet Center