Secondary Literature on the Himalayas in the UVa Library

In addition to housing one of the nation’s leading collections of Tibetan-language publications, the University of Virginia Library is home to a vast collection of English-language scholarly materials on Tibetan and Himalayan cultures. With over 2,300 books alone, the Library provides ample and up-to-date sources relevant for Tibetan Studies and research. Such secondary materials, located throughout both Clemons and Alderman Libraries, are catalogued under numerous subject fields and contribute to diverse disciplines. Thus, one finds books on: Tibetan politics and government (DS), Tibetan society (AS), Tibetan religious doctrine and biography (BQ and BL), Tibetan folklore (GR), Tibetan modernity and social change (HN), Tibetan language and linguistics (PL), ethnographic studies of Tibet and the Tibetan cultural world (GN), and medical anthropology on Tibet (GN). The Fiske Kimball Fine Arts library also houses many works on Tibetan thangka painting, art history, architecture, and other aspects of Tibetan artistic and material culture.

The UVa Library also maintains subscriptions to many key contemporary journals with current scholarly writing on Tibetan and Himalayan cultures, including: Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, Journal of the Tibet Society, Tibet Journal, The Tibet Society Newsletter, The Tibet Society Bulletin, Tibetan Review, News Tibet, Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan Bulletin, and the Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies.

Complementing this vast collection of print materials, UVa’s Music library holds a number of sound recordings from the Himalayas, and Robertson Media Center, located within Clemons Library, houses an extensive collection of videos, including documentaries, lecture series, and popular mainstream films.