Panel on Sustainable Development in Practice

News item posted on: January 15th, 2010
Sustainable Development in Practice: Education, community development and urban planning

Gitile Naituli: Associate Professor of Business Management at the Department of Business Management, Multimedia University, Kenya. The presentation will focus on the significance of education to sustainable development.

Shuaib Lwasa: PhD Candidate in Geographic Information Systems for Urban Planning and management at Makerere University, Uganda. The presentation will focus on the relationship between urban poverty and environmental burdens in the context of sustainable development and how communities, researchers and civil society organizations have teamed up to find local solutions to local problems.

Thupten : Field staff at Winrock International working in community development on the Tibetan plateau. The presentation will focus on community development and a case study of Eco-tourism service and waste disposal in Tibet.

Sponsored by Machik at UVa and TSGP