Monastic Life & Teachings by the Tashi Kyil Monks

News item posted on: September 10th, 2013
A Glimpse into Tibetan Monastic Life & Teachings

With the Tibetan Buddhist Monks of Tashi Kyil Monastery in Northern India

Unity of Charlottesville welcomes the monks of Tashi Kyil Monastery for a full week of activities and cultural exchange. During the week, the monks will create a Peace Sand Mandala, conduct two evenings of dharma talks, and perform a cultural pageant entitled “Let’s Travel to Tibet”.

Local news coverage of the event here on NBC 29

There is a suggested donation of $10 that goes to support the small and under-funded monastery.


Sunday, September 1st

10:30 am

The monks join in for Unity’s Sunday Celebration


Sunday – Friday, September 1st – 6th

Peace Sand MandalaSand_Mandala_TK

Sun. from 2-5pm

Mon.-Thurs. from 10am-5pm

Location: Unity’s Terrace Level


Wednesday, September 4th, 7:00pm

“Taming the Mind” Dharma Talk

Location: the Unity Sanctuary


Thursday, September 5th, 7:00pm

“Explanation of Mantras” Dharma Talk

Location: the Unity Sanctuary


Friday, September 6th, 7:00pm

“Let’s Travel to Tibet” Pageant

Location: the Unity Sanctuary


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