Opportunities for Participating in Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Libraries

The University of Virginia is the hub of a global network of partners building knowledge about Tibet across sectors and other boundaries through the creative use of new digital technologies. Please explore them in detail in the web site’s digital section.


UVa’s various digital initiatives are creating a powerful infrastructure for individuals and organizations around the world to build collections of rich media objects, reference resources, scholarly essays, maps, and much more in both English and Tibetan language interfaces and content. By centralizing the technology, individuals and projects are empowered to focus on content rather than building tools. In addition, the centralized technologies allow many distinct projects to draw upon each other’s resources and for collaboration to be far easier.

We urge interested parties to contact us with proposals to participate in joint, collaborative projects such as the Place Dictionary, Tibetan Dictionary, Tibetan Literature Encyclopedia, Image Collections, Audio-Video Collections, or to fashion their own website as part of our evolving network of sites using our underlying technology for publication.