Public Talk with Visiting Fellows: Tashi Phuntsok & Drolma Kyab

News item posted on: March 21st, 2011
Public Talk with Visiting Fellows: Tashi Phuntsok & Drolma Kyab

The Tibet Center at UVa and the Curry School of Education co-sponsored Education to Employment Program (E2E) invites you to the next set of lectures in the brown bag lunch seminar series.  Visiting fellows Tashi Phunstok and Drolma Kyab will share about their current work and their future aspirations, as well as take questions from the audience.   Bring your lunch, and enjoy the next talks in this important series.

Tashi Phuntsok
Founder, Travel Wild Tibet

Monday, March 21
12:00 – 12:45pm, Ruffner Hall (Curry School), Room G004B

Tashi Phuntsok is the founder of TRAVEL WILD TIBET travel company that mostly specializes all kind of tours throughout Amdo and Kham regions of Tibet. He is also an intellectual with a passion for Tibetan life and culture, he is well versed in  the history of the Tibetan plateau, Tibetan musical traditions, and the ancient and modern culture of all Tibetan regions.  In addition, he is an experienced photographer and videographer, and has documented the daily life of Tibetans as well as remote landscapes on video and film.  He has worked as a travel agent, tour guide, and agency manager since 1999.  He has organized and guided the trips of researchers, filmmakers, photographers, explorers and backpackers throughout the Tibetan world.

Drolma Kyab
Tibet Namchen Travel Agency

Monday, March 21
1:00-1:45pm, Ruffner Hall (Curry School), Room G004B

Drolma Kyab exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit. After starting his career as a rickshaw driver in Lhasa, Drolma Kyab worked his way up in travel companies for eight years before striking out on his own and establishing the Tibet Namchen Travel Agency and Hotel Services Company.  Tibet Namchen has been operating for the last six years and employs over twenty people. Drolma Kyab is committed to the advancement and enrichment of his staff and other Tibetans interested in tourism–the largest industry in Tibetan areas of China. This commitment to creating training opportunities for local Tibetans to improve their competitiveness in the tourism industry in central Tibet made Drolma Kyab an excellent choice for the TEEI fellowship program. Through the TEEI fellowship Drolma Kyab would like to connect with institutions and organizations that can help him to create a curriculum centered on practical skills development for Tibetans interested in entering the tourism industry or for those already in the field who seek to advance their careers.