Study Programs in Tibetan Studies at UVa

Undergraduate Learning

Students at the University of Virginia have the unique opportunity to integrate Tibetan Studies into their educational curriculum through a diverse range of courses and study programs offered throughout the University by UVa’s outstanding faculty. Undegraduates may fulfill core language requirements by taking Tibetan language, or fulfill a non-Western perspectives requirement in a course on Tibetan Buddhism. Undergraduate students may specialize in Tibet through the Department of East Asian Language, Literature, and Culture’s East Asia major. Course offerings range from “Tibetan Buddhism” and “Tibetan History” to “Buddhist Meditation” and beyond.

Language Learning

The University of Virginia has been a global leader in the teaching and research of Tibetan language, as well as creating new pedagogical resources for its study. Since the 1970’s, the study of Classical Tibetan language has been a central component of graduate work in Tibetan Studies. In 2007, Tibetan language was added to the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures’ degree programs in East Asian Studies and East Asian Languages and Literatures. In addition, the university offers  a summer language immersion program here at UVa. Read more….

Graduate Learning

image00082The study of Tibet at the graduate level may be pursued through the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and the Department of Religious Studies or through other departments in connection with one of these two programs. The study of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon has been an integral part of the humanities and social sciences at UVa for more than thirty-five years. Housed in the Department of Religious Studies, the Tibetan Buddhist Studies program maintains an international reputation for its graduate and undergraduate studies, its overseas programs, its innovative digital scholarship, and its ongoing promotion of research in Tibetan culture and society. Read more…

Study Abroad

Recognizing the import of study abroad programs for enhancing globally aware education, the University of Virginia was one of the first American universities to conduct an accredited academic program in Tibetan areas of China.  Read more….