Tibetan Geotourism Workshop

News item posted on: January 29th, 2009

litang_nomad3The University of Virginia and Machik are co-organizing a two week workshop on Geotourism in Tibet for a visiting delegation of Tibetan and Chinese tourism officials and educators. This is part of their long term initiative for promoting alternative forms of tourism centered first and foremost on local communities on the Tibetan plateau, and how to facility their involvement and benefit. The deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Administration, directors of Chamdo and Kongpo prefectural Tourism Administrations, and the Dean of the Tibet University tourism school will be participating. The workshop will include stops in New York, Washington DC, Arizona, and San Francisco, while the main discussions will be held at UVa. The workshop is led by UVa faculty Tashi Rabgey and David Germano, along with Machik Executive Director Losang Rabgey, with management by Machik’s Brad Aaron.